My Crua Hybrid aka “The Schwammock” 

I wanted to write about a product I found online whilst searching for a tent I could eaily take to the crag when I go climbing. I wanted a hammock and swag but I came across the Crua Hybrid. It’s both a swag and hammock and the idea seemed pretty cool. The Crua can be set up on the ground as a swag and in the trees as a hammock! My mate Timy has dubbed it “the schwammock”, which kind of suits it haha! 

Crua is the Irish word for strong and being Irish myself I felt a connection to it. So, I purchased four of them on indiegogo for myself and three mates. This was my first crowd funding item I had ever purchased so I was a tad nervous! I need not have worried. The Crua Hybrid is a product made by Crua Outdoors, formally known as Thermotents, and a very successful company in Ireland. Google them you can see that people love their ideas and products.

Crua is their second successful crowdfunding attempt and they quickly raised over $300,000 on kickstarter! 

The company are beautiful to deal with and Derek did his best to keep the backers in the loop with production. A few wee snags and delays occurred in production which caused shipping delays of around 2 months. These issues were however fixed in no time and the even tougher/stronger Crua’s were shipped! One of my four Crua’s arrived in Brisbane on the 7/6/17. The others are still on the way! 

I ordered all the Crua’s with winter sleeping bags (-6c) as winter is perfect climbing season in Australia! They came well packaged with the gross weight being 8kg. The Crua came with a self inflating sleeping pad, a winter sleeping bag and, the tent itself with the rain fly, numerous golden pegs, 2 tree huggers extra ropes, elastic hooks (I’m not too sure how to use them?) and 3 spreader bars. The ropes to hang the tent have heavy duty screw lock carabiners to connect to the long tree hugger straps! I couldn’t wait to set it up in my garden! 

(Excuse the terrible setup! The garden space was too tight to allow proper setup but it was enough to allow me to lay inside for a couple of hours and test the Crua out! I love the forest green colour too!)

(It should look more like this 😂)

It was relatively easy to set up both on the ground and in the air. I was however cramped for space so the pictures do not do it justice. Getting in and out was as easy as pie and the Crua was toasty warm and super comfortable with the sleeping pad underneath me. I really enjoyed the gentle rocking back and forth as I lay there day dreaming about taking her camping lol! I rolled around and tossed and turned to see if it tipped but it did not tip! It swung a little but felt very stable. If anyone doesn’t feel comfortable with the movement on turning around then I suggest an anchoring pole and add an extra tie down to eliminate too much sway. I am 157cm tall and so I had a ridiculous  amount of head and leg room! More than enough to store all my climbing gear when we get away. Plus there was plenty of headroom. I could sit up and change easily inside my Crua. 😊

(Miles of room at my feet and around me. Enough to have all my climbing gear plus clothes etc.)

The three packages are easy enough to take away but if I was multipitch camping then it may be a little awkward to cart all the items together. I do think that all the items would nicely roll up into one package and squish into my crag pack. This would make it much easier to haul around and up steep climbs.

(The smallest pack is the inflatable sleeping pad. The black one is the sleeping bag-winter one. And the dark green is the tent and remaining accessories.) 

All in all, I have to say that I absolutely love this little hammock! It’s as strong as it’s name says, built meticulously by a great team with a proven track record in exceptional products, and it meets all my needs for going away to the crag for a weekend. I will be taking the Crua out camping as soon as I have some free time in order to really put her through her paces! 

(Snug as a bug inside my winter sleeping bag. There is also a summer sleeping bag option.) 

(The inside of the sleeping bag and the inflatable sleeping pad underneath.)
Until the next blog, crush on crushers! 

(This blog is solely my own opinion, all items were purchased via my own funds and I am not associated with Crua or paid for my opinion.)

Why you need ‘The Whipper’ in your rack.


Recently i was browsing on Facebook when I should have been doing a university assignment, (I have a degree in procrastination) and I came across a video for ‘The Whipper”. It is a fitness tracker for climbers. Wow!

A few nights before, I was telling my partner, (poor lad gets tortured with endless chat about climbing) that I wished there was a tracker for climbers. He wears a swimming tracker and I have a Fitbit (that I love).

Unfortunately my Fitbit doesn’t track my floors as I climb, nor my steps which, to be honest, does my head in… I know Ive worked my ass off for 4 hours at my local gym (The Rock, Brisbane) with my mate Daz who pushes me to the max, and all I have to show for that is 3500 steps! REALLY!? I know for a fact that Ive done twice that ha ha!!


This is Daz, bouldering on the rock of unnecessary heel hooks. Double heel hook, then do a sit up and top out… Hilarious to watch.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when one of the crushers on my climbing group posted the video of the Whipper. EEEEEK! Finally, i can track my climbing much better and push harder!  13076847_10153834550931387_2501678123367181087_n.jpgThe Whipper isn’t just a basic tracker… This thing is amazing! It uses motion and pressure sensors to track everything from vertical foot gain, incline, pace, effort level, altitude. You can use it during a sesh or after, to keep track of your how you are going.  The whipper just clips to the rear of your harness and is safely tucked out of the way and not likely to get snagged whilst on a dicey hold.

The Whipper suits climbers at any skill level. I only started climbing in September 2015 and thanks to Daz I began lead climbing in December 2015.  I have my first lead competition in may and kind of wish this was out that bit sooner so i could have it for training (and measuring my falls… i hate failing lol!)

The Whipper App will will sync up to your smartphone via built in Bluetooth. (These guys thought of everything) The App has a smart coach feature and provides crushers with  performance-based advice, training modes, and supplemental exercises such as training for hang boards, roofs and big walls.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.31.33 PM.png

Ultimately The Whipper WILL help crushers of all skills reach and push past their goals…

The Whipper App will have a social side too… Hopefully this means that you not only get to connect to your mates but that you can connect to climbers all over the world. This will provide serious levels of inspiration and cool to those of us who aspire to crush hard.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.32.05 PM.png

“Whipper users have the option to challenge friends, find a belay partner, track progress of the team, and much more”. (Statement taken from Whipper press release 2016).

Check out their video and website or Skype them to see a demo… The team will be happy to show you.

The actual device, although I haven’t gotten my chalked up little hands on one yet (roll on May 3rd as il be stalking the indiegogo page lol) is apparently light and durable, low maintenance and wont get in your way as you scale that beautiful slab… (Yay for those who like to Trad and keep the weight down). The battery is also said to last for ages and is rechargeable via USB (another plus).

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.15.37 PM.png

These guys have not only managed to impress me with The Whipper but the team behind it have shown the awesome climber spirit and mentality I have come to love. They are joining up with with not for profit organisations enabling Whipper users WORLDWIDE to climb for a good cause.

“For every 1000 feet climbed by the Whipper community, the Whipper team is donating $1 to the AccessFund”. (Statement taken from Whipper press release 2016).

Seriously – YOU GUYS ROCK… See what I did there ha ha!

Well that’s enough of my ramblings for one blog. As soon as I get my mits on one of these devices I shall post up a review and pics of my shenanigans on the wall.


Sign up as a Whipper ambassador on and join me on the social side of the Whipper App as soon as its released to stores in Q4 2016 🙂

Share the love for crushing and all things climbing. 

May 3rd Indiegogo crowd fund Only $99 for early backers.

Much love,

Julia X


(This blog is solely my own opinion and the excited ramblings of a climbing nutter)